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My story

“Hello, I am Iris, and as your Relocation Counselor your first new friend in the Lake Constance region."


I myself grew up in a tourist area in Ötztal/Tirol, moving into the Lake Constance region rich in landscapes, business opportunities and culture in 2003. I wish to share with Relocation Services my experiences with those moving into the region for business reasons, whether temporarily or permanently, and to support your move in a professional manner.


I bring years of professional experience in the international environment, from my time in the airline industry and other areas of logistics. Before my move to Vorarlberg I myself spent 6 years as an expatriate, living in Alsace-Lorraine/France. In the course of my travels and professional internships (among others in France, England, Spain and India) I have learnt to immerse myself in other cultures.


I can easily identify with the situation of my clients, experiencing their new physical and cultural environment far from family and friends. I am more than familiar with your or your employee’s needs. As a mother to a preschooler and a cat holder I also have a keen sense for the concerns and interests of families with kids and those with animals. 


My personal and professional values are trust, openness, integrity and appreciation. 


Get in touch with me now on +43 (0)676 55 643 55, or write to me at

I look forward to getting to know you.

Giving you the best possible start in the Lake Constance area. Professionally supervise the relocation of skilled personnel, management, young professionals and accompanying families. 


Relocation Services Höfler. Call me up on +43 (0)676 55 643 55 or write to me at Your first new friend here.