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Your relocation to the Lake Constance area

Are you planning to move to the Lake Constance region as an international professional?


Are you thinking about how to find a suitable flat? How to deal with visas and administrative procedures? How to coordinate the removal of your furniture and household effects? How to find the right school or kindergarten for your children? How to overcome language barriers? Find a suitable work? How to help with importing your car and other daily routines?


Then you are in the right place

- whether you are international specialist, manager, junior staff or independent key personnel. 


I often hear from international experts:

  • I need help to apply for a visa/residence permit.
  • I need support in finding an apartment or house and for the handing over process.
  • I need help with time-consuming tasks.
  • I am looking for someone who knows the area.
  • I would like to have a personal relocation support that has a fine feeling for my concerns and interests.


Does your company recruit international professionals? 


Are you thinking about how you can promote a welcoming culture for new employees in your company? How you can support international professionals when they move into the Lake Constance region? How you can create the best conditions so that new employees can develop their performance potential from the very beginning?


Then you are in the right place

- whether you are Personnel Manager, HRM or a decision maker in a company.


I often hear from companies: 

  • We invest a lot of time and money in the search for qualified specialists and managers.
  • We have higher bureaucratic expenses when hiring international professionals.
  • We want to get new employees excited about our company and the region right from the start.
  • We want our international professionals to feel at home in their new environment right from the beginning and make the arrival easier.  


Professional support for your move to the Lake Constance region.


I personally take care of your relocation to the Lake Constance region. I accompany you or your future employees and families during the move to Vorarlberg, Liechtenstein, St. Gallen, Winterthur, Thurgau, Appenzell, Graubünden, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. As such, I

  • provide you with an initial impression of your new home region
  • support you in your search for an apartment or house 
  • settle various administrative and bureaucratic matters
  • offer you and your family support to ease familiarization with your new surroundings 
  • accompany you to appointments where translation may be necessary or helpful
  • organize the import of your vehicle
  • coordinate the transport of your furniture and household items
  • assist you with any specific wishes or further concerns.

I make sure that I am available for customers where the shoe really pinches and develop individual solutions for all areas that a change of residence entails. Personal support is very important for my customers.


You or your future employees can start out with increased productivity in their new professional activity right from the start.



Register now for a non-binding initial consultation to find out how I can support your relocation?

Call me up on +43 (0)676 55 643 55 or write to me at I look forward to getting to know you.

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