International talent finder for businesses

The Talent Bridge Service supports businesses in the Lake Constance region to

  • counteract a shortage of professional staff and personally get to know experienced international talents from a range of disciplines early on in their job seeking process
  • win prospective "High Potentials" for your business and secure their long-term loyalty
  • boost innovation and creativity in your business by introducing culturally varied thought processes
  • access new markets and customer groups with increased multilingualism and knowledge of other economic areas
  • gain employees who have learned to think outside the box, be flexible and act in interculturally competent ways
  • improve your reputation for employee advancement and as an attractive empoyer in the region
  • improve oversight with transparent recruitment investment and more predictable expenses


Included services


The international specialist finder for businesses offers a flexible range of services and takes individual customer requirements into consideration.

  • Submit job ads or specifications profile for your ideal candidate
  • Receive suggested profiles for qualified international professionals
  • Contact chosen favourites
  • Arrange personal interviews or conduct individual conversations
  • Support throughout the process of applying for work permits


How does the international professional brokerage service work?


Based on your job description or ideal candidate specification profile you receive profiles of qualified and interested professionals. Quickly get to know potential new employees, either in the form of 15 minute conversations within a job speed dating context and/or by arranging personal intervies.