26. März 2020
Here you will find up-to-date information to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), announced travel restrictions and recommendations for travelers. Sozialministerium Österreich Robert Koch Institute World Health Organization (WHO) IATA Deutsche Lufthansa Bundesamt für Gesundheit (BAG) Schweiz European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control As an expat and foreign professional you are sure to have many questions in connection with the novel coronavirus. For personal...
12. März 2020
The project of the Youth Ambassadors for UN and SDG of Caritas Auslandshilfe Vorarlberg is extended by the Children's Ambassadors. Become a member!
27. November 2019
I arrived here in Vorarlberg (Lake Constance region) and made some good introductions to my social community, but I was someone that wanted to belong here. I had no social structure in which to navigate in my native language and culture. Here are my top three ways to make new friends in Vorarlberg. ... This has led to a more vibrant social life and a connection to my friends and neighbors that I was always missing.
27. November 2019
When people starting a new life in a foreign country they experience some degree of culture shock. It is the feeling of disorientation in a foreign country. They go through 5 stages of a cultural adjustment cycle. In this article I describe how these stages might affect expatriates moving to the Lake Constance region (Vorarlberg, Liechtenstein, Eastern Switzerland, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg).
23. November 2019
Die Einstellung qualifizierter internationaler Mitarbeiterinnen/Mitarbeiter stellt einen konkreten Wettbewerbsvorteil für Unternehmen dar. Gerade im Hinblick auf den bevorstehenden Fachkräftemangel und den damit einhergehenden internationalen Wettbewerb um die besten Köpfe gilt es, eine Willkommenskultur für Arbeitskräfte aus dem Ausland zu entwickeln.